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Thomas van Groningen is far from the radio: "If the Met Het Oog Op Morgen has a place, they can call"

Thomas van Groningen is far from the radio: “If the Met Het Oog Op Morgen has a place, they can call”

With a little healthy tension, Thomas van Groningen is in the studio by Funfair FM. “It’s a completely different thing than what I normally do,” says political correspondent for TV show Op1. “In 10 years of BNR and now on NPO Radio 1, I don’t have to do the ‘buttons’ myself. So it took a lot of getting used to doing it all over again. But the atmosphere on the show is very unique.”

It is the tenth year that Thomas has already participated in the event channel at the largest exhibition in the Benelux. He presented radio and TV shows there and was also a member of the board of directors. “I still enjoy doing this. I live in Tilburg in the middle and it’s nice to do something with my city. It’s never the case at work, it’s never about Tilburg. Plus, you can have a little fun and do it with all kinds of people who are serious about media, but they also want to have fun.”

“It’s being looked at closely. The first time I participated I thought too: People are listening at Hilversum. If I really made a mistake here, it would have consequences. I think people looking for tomorrow’s presenters look at Kermis FM with an slanted eye.”
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chair lounge

Thomas does everything besides his job anyway. “I’m also a DJ with Lanterfantje at festivals, I’m the guest to shout at Kermis FM and I have a podcast at the amusement park. My boss doesn’t mind either. And that’s a good thing, because that’s what I am. My work comes first, but it’s okay to have faces.” multiple”.

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Thomas worked at BNR for 10 years as a presenter, reporter and finally as a political translator. after, after Moving to Op1 He now mainly makes television. “When I left BNR, I was afraid to say goodbye to the radio. I’ve always wanted to be on the radio. Live TV is so exciting and cool, but the radio has this magical thing that makes it so special. So I was so glad they immediately asked at WNL what If I could fill up Radio NPO 1 on Saturday afternoon.”

Replace Sven Koekelmann

An exciting function will be added soon. As of August 8, I can also replace Sven Kockelman for two weeks on “Sven op 1” on Radio 1. I think that’s a great honor. After all, he is one of the best interlocutors in Holland. He does it like no other and I hope I can get close to him. I find it really exciting, I have to say. Maintaining the excitement of an exciting half-hour interview is truly an art. I wouldn’t think of Sven, but I want to keep his program OK.

Looking forward to tomorrow

So it should be clear that Thomas isn’t done with the radio yet. He still has ambitions. “If they have a place available at Met Het Oog Op Morgen, they can always call me. I think this is a really great program.”

He will also continue to do Kermis FM for some time. “I still give her a warm heart. So I am going to wear this purple polo shirt for a few more years. I would like to appeal to more people from Hilversum to do a show here.” This year, among others, Domaine Verschorn (Qmusic) and Hermann Hoffmann (3FM) did. “Come from Randstad and come and do a show in Tilburg. Because it’s fun to do, but also because you have some nice stories to tell for your own show about what you lived through at the fair in Tilburg. Make it a day.”

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Photo: Funfair FM