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Thwaites Glacier over a silk thread: 'Sea level could rise meters'

Thwaites Glacier over a silk thread: ‘Sea level could rise meters’

With growing fear and shivering, scientists keep an eye on the Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica. This massive flow of ice – the size of Florida – is already melting at breakneck speed. Loss of the massive glacier and surrounding ice could raise global sea levels by 1 to 3 metres. Should we be worried?

Well, opinions on that vary. Thwaites Glacier in particular is a challenging variable in scientists’ predictions about future sea levels. Exactly how much sea level rise also depends on how fast and how much ice the glacier abandons into the sea. However, everyone agrees that a sea level rise of 1 to 3 meters would not be very favorable. Certainly not for a country nearly a third of which is below sea level (NAP).

New study on the glacier of West Antarctica

Pack your bags and ask our eastern neighbors for refuge on their knees? No, there is not (yet) yet. According to a new study in natural earth sciencesconducted by geophysicist Alistair Graham University of South Florida College of Marine SciencesThe situation is worrying, but not terrible.

Thwaites Ice Sheet in 2014 (Photo: ANP)

He says the rate of glacier retreat that scientists have recently recorded is small compared to the fastest changes in the past. The distant past, that is, long before humanity filled the air with carbon dioxide.

Thwaites hanging by a thread

Lots of positive notes for Alastair Graham. fellow geophysicist, Roberti Larter of British Antarctic SurveyThwaites really sticks to his nails these days, says Thwaites. In fact, we can expect big changes in the future on small time scales, even on an annual basis.

worst case scenario: global migration. According to the United Nations, about 40 percent of the world’s population lives on or near the coast. Now, of course, beautiful dams have been built in many critical places that can certainly absorb part of the sea level rise. The only problem is that no dam can withstand a sea level rise of several metres.

Polar hats are freezing again in the face of rising sea levels

There is already a radical plan for To refreeze polar caps With combat aircraft and sulfur dioxide. Maybe they can also bring the Thwaites Glacier back in line with this?

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Thwaites Glacier over a silk thread: ‘Sea level could rise meters’

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