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'Today Inside' returns to TV after candle riots, with controversial actor Johann Dirksen

‘Today Inside’ returns to TV after candle riots, with controversial actor Johann Dirksen

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dutch tv show Today inside back to the TV. After an absence of more than two weeks following the riots around football analyst Johan Dirksen, the talk show will return on the tube from Monday. Derksen will still be participating.

The three presenters decided to stop nearly two weeks ago after a storm of protest Dirksen’s confessionat that time half a century ago, he allegedly pierced an unconscious woman with a candle. Later he denied his story He said there was no breakthrough.

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His comments immediately sparked intense public debate in the Netherlands – and beyond – and shortly afterwards Dirksen stated that he stopped the talk show immediately. “The culture of canceling and waking up is big and against us,” he said. It’s a strong movement that is getting worse. The only independent program has now collapsed. I can no longer enjoy sitting here. I’m done.” There was no apology.

When the other two guests, Rene van der Geep and Wilfried Jenny, announced that they did not want to continue, the program was immediately cancelled. A decision that ensured SBS6 would lose one million viewers in one day.

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But now Sources about the show are signing up Allgemeine Dagblad That return to the screen is still possible. In what form that will happen, and when, is still being considered, it is said. But it is clear that there is hard work “behind the scenes” to get all the heroes back. As well as from Dirksen.

“The premature baby”

Talba, the show’s producer, describes press coverage about the return of “Vandag Inside” with professional agitator Johan Derksen as “premature.” Dirksen himself confirmed reports from AD on Wednesday that the program would return to television on Monday.

“We had a good conversation with the guys last Sunday to look peacefully back in the past weeks and what happened,” a short statement from the Talpa Network read. “Once there’s more news to report, we’ll get back to this one from SBS6.”

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