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Tom Hanks: "Straight men should leave gay roles to LGBTQ+ representatives" |  Famous People

Tom Hanks: “Straight men should leave gay roles to LGBTQ+ representatives” | Famous People

“Nowadays, you shouldn’t turn to a straight guy for a role like this anymore. The message from Philadelphia was ‘Don’t be afraid.’ One of the reasons people aren’t afraid of this movie is because I played a gay guy,” he said. Hanks about his status as a celebrity straight actor. “But now we’re past that point, people won’t accept it anymore if a gay man isn’t chosen for the role. Because he’s not original,” the movie star said.


It’s not a crime and there’s no whining to expect more from the movie.

Actor Tom Hanks

The actor is of the same opinion about his role in ‘Forrest Gump’. In that movie he played a disabled man. He no longer takes on this role. In the interview, he defended the people who advocate for LGBTQ+ actors and actresses, and who strive for greater representation and authenticity. It’s neither a crime nor a whine, to expect more from a movie,” Hanks said.

Reactions rained down on social media. “Moving with the times, his role in nearly 30 years should not be forgotten,” one fan wrote, noting how much the film means to people living with HIV. Another says, “Tom Hanks is really someone who keeps learning and wants to keep learning. He can also say, ‘The most suitable actor should get a part. But instead, he understands that authenticity and acting are very important. And that shows how social he is.”

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