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Too much dessert! Piglets are born again in Kinderboerderij De Goudse Hofsteden

They are there again! Eight orange guinea pigs were born on the farm of de Gouts Hofstetten children. Mother Evelyn is fine, and this week the zoo is also expecting Lisa’s piglets.

Kune Kune piglets have always been very popular at the zoo. This breed was originally bred by the New Zealand Maori, and they are very friendly. The name Kune Kune means thick and rounded.

Two to three months

The Kune Kune pigs of the pet park are registered with the Kune Kune Association Netbook Kune Kune Stuttbook. There are not many animals in this breed, so it is important to raise these pigs responsibly. She knows the ancestry of the pet park, and they firmly believe that they did not breed with interrelated animals.

Gowda Pet Zoo expects piglets every year. These piglets stay in the pet park for two to three months. Piglets are then (always in pairs) sold to enthusiasts of this breed with plenty of outdoor space, including pet parks or maintenance farms.

Betting Zoo de Goutse Hofsteten

Blumenthalsweck 34A, 2804 AB Gowda

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