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Trading plan: new playgrounds in Farkensmarkt and Kapilkerk

Trading plan: new playgrounds in Farkensmarkt and Kapilkerk

With the introduction of the Pentagon’s new distribution plan, additional open space will be available in the city starting Tuesday. Work is already underway in Varkensmarkt and Kapellekerk (temporarily) to convert the street into a playground or skate park.

The new trading scheme will start on Tuesday, but the cobblestones at Varkensmarkt have already been painted in colour. In a small traffic park with a Mario Kart theme, kids can now ride bikes in front of the Bronx Youth Theater.

Drawing on the sidewalk, because in the low-traffic scheme, the street is still restricted to drivers with a special permit. From Tuesday, automatic pillars will be installed on the corner of the Varkensmarkt with the Vlaamsesteenweg, which will only collapse for cars with a registered number plate.

skate park

The circulation plan also creates new or additional open space in other places. In Kapellekerk, the skate park at Kapellestraat will be expanded. At the moment, additional slopes have already been built, and the completely new skate park is supposed to be finished by Friday. “Temporarily, because we can’t build a final skate park without planning permission,” Brussels Transport Ships spokesman Bart Dundt (Green) says. “This is a proposal from a council of aldermen to organize the space. If someone has a better idea, then it is possible.”

The College of Municipal Councilors wants to consider the layout of a new square at Zennestraat at a later date. The cut between Anneessensstraat and ‘T Kintstraat provides free (playing) space there. The city will provide entertainment for children on Tuesday.

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