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Traffic jams on Monster on Black Saturday are growing fast: in some places you've been queuing for about 5 hours

Traffic jams on Monster on Black Saturday are growing fast: in some places you’ve been queuing for about 5 hours

The first traffic jam already began to appear on Saturday morning. France has nearly 300 km of traffic jams on Saturday morning. Its length can reach 800 to 900 kilometers. Problems are also starting to emerge in tunnels in Switzerland and Austria, the VAB Mobility Center reports on Saturday morning.

Lawrence Turk

On the Route Luxembourg – Lyon – Spanish border There is already a delay of 4 hours and 50 minutes. It is already busy on the A31 between Luxembourg, Nancy and Beaune, the A6 between Beaune and Lyon, the A7 between Lyon and Orange, and the A9 between Orange and the Spanish border. Drivers are already losing a lot of time on the A7 to the Mediterranean with a delay of about 3 hours between Lyon and Orange.

Even heading south it gets busy in Route Lille – Paris – Bordeaux – Spain, on the A10 between Paris and Bordeaux and the A630 between Bordeaux and the Spanish border. The Atlantic Coast is an additional 3 hours and 52 minutes’ drive away. It takes over an hour to wait through the Mont Blanc tunnel.

also in Germany They queue up for holiday destinations on the A3, A5, A7 and A8.

in Austria It is occupied on the A10 between Salzburg and Villach (in the Tauerntunnel in the direction of Slovenia/Croatia) and on the A11 between Villach and Karawankentunnel (in the direction of Slovenia/Croatia). There is a delay of 2 hours, 27 minutes and 30 minutes, respectively.

in Switzerland There was a traffic jam in the Gotthard Tunnel between Basel and Chiasso in the south for nearly two hours and between Chiasso and Basel in the north.

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