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Wandelcoach Kwint houdt zijn coachingsgesprekken in de natuur

Training in nature: “People literally feel like they can breathe.”

It started with outdoor performance interviews. Forester coach Norbert Quint noted that the conversations he had as manager went smoothly and in depth. He now works as a hiking and nature coach in Dwingelderveld, Drents-Friese Wold and Holtingerveld.

“In my work as a forest ranger, I see every day what nature means to people and what it can do to people,” he says. Fifth† “In hiking training, nature and working with people come together in a wonderful way for me.”

Quint regularly walks in Ooster- and Westerzand in Holtingerzand with someone who wants to think about their career or someone who is exhausted. “We’re looking at how nature can help with this. The important components while walking are wind, rain, sun and landscape.”

“As a hiking and nature coach, you look for metaphors in nature,” the training coach explains. “This is a very big forest and one tree has fallen here. You may wonder what is going on with this tree. Could it not compete with the other trees or did it not have enough roots?” Did anything happen that could make you fall if the winds really came back? “

Walking instructors are fairly new. Quint: “At one point, it was discovered that being outside in nature does a lot. You walk next to each other and that’s the big difference with training indoors. There you’re sitting across from each other in a room, which makes it hard for someone to tell their story.” Research has shown that being outside and the fact that you don’t have to look at each other makes a person free. People literally feel the space to breathe and tell their story.”

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Metaphors exist for taking nature. “This crossroads is beautiful,” Quint notes. “Now that it has rained so heavily, additional obstacles have arisen. Then there could be someone who wants to take a new path in their life. The question is which way. Is it here through the waters you don’t know how deep? Exciting journey.” Or is it the path that literally goes up, upstream. Or do you love certainty and choose the path along which you can see where it leads you. This literally gives a beautiful picture of nature.”