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Trump gets a week to prove 'planted' FBI evidence during home search |  Abroad

Trump gets a week to prove ‘planted’ FBI evidence during home search | Abroad

Former US President Donald Trump will have a “last chance” to show evidence the FBI might have “planted” by September 30. American media reported it.

While searching the Florida property, investigators found information that, according to Trump, these investigators would have put there themselves. The former president and his lawyers have repeated this claim several times in recent weeks, without providing evidence.

The arbitrator appointed by the court last week, former judge Raymond Derry, is now giving Trump one last chance to point out exactly the documents in question. By Monday, the government must provide copies of all non-classified items to Trump’s lawyers.

Next, the Trump team should prepare a statement that lists documents that someone else has filed in Mar-a-Lago. Darry has to review more than 11,000 government documents, some of which enjoy the highest level of secrecy.

Search can continue

In the meantime, the Ministry of Justice is allowed to continue investigating the confidential documents found during the said search. A judge decided that on Wednesday.

The criminal investigation will include whether classified papers were withheld and whether there was an attempt to thwart a federal investigation. Both crimes are punishable. According to Trump, he made sure that the documents in question were no longer classified during his presidency, but according to the court, no evidence was found.