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Tsum | News: NRC discovers new Splinter Chabot novel ‘almost illegible’

Splinter Chabot first book, rain sweets, can draw on much acclaim, more for its subject matter than its literary formulation. The book was also very popular in schools. If heaven has enough spaceChabot’s second novel received less positive reviews. In the Saturday section “Everyone Reads” (already online) from NRC Handelsblad Fillet Thomas de Vin novel published by platform publishers:

Chabot created his own imaginary world and apparently wrote down all the discoveries and associations that happened to him. Everything radiates privacy and heaviness, right down to the address if Heaven had enough space for it.
It’s a lot and confusing, because Chabot doesn’t write very carefully.

De Vin wrote:

The pattern was in rain sweets It can be beat, the new book is almost unreadable because of it.

Martin Steinmeier was in de Volkskrant Only two stars left for the novel. He also falls in love with the use of language, including images:

At a certain point, you yearn for passages without comparisons and metaphors, especially because they are not always true (“The Moses-like crowd again”) or unconvincing (“His skin was loose around his body. Like paint in olden days. The house slowly leaves the walls”) .

Also in local newspapers Albarol The novel cracked. Dries Moss talks about “trolley loads” riddled with errors.

In his best and most original sentences, Chabot proves he can do just that, writing novels. If only he could delete half as well.

The home reader has been far from positive lately.

(Photo © Dolf Verlinden)

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