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Twelve people were injured in a shooting at a shopping center in the United States, two of whom are in critical condition: “The youngest victim is 15 years old”.

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Several people have been injured in a shooting at a shopping center in Columbia, South Carolina. Officials said this on Twitter.

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“We have confirmed that many people were injured in the incident. These people are getting medical help. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. “

During a brief press conference broadcast on Twitter, Police Chief William Holbrooke said a total of 12 people were injured. Ten people were shot and wounded in the ensuing panic. Eight people were taken to hospital. Two of the twelve injured are said to be in critical condition. The youngest victim was 15 years old and the oldest 73 years old, police chief William Holbrook said. There will be no casualties.

All 3 interested persons have been arrested. “That classification may change over time,” Holbrook said. Police have not yet released details about the age of the three. According to police, the shooting started after a confrontation between the suspects, so it was not an accidental shooting.

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