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Twitter taps Musk for violating confidentiality obligations |  News

Twitter taps Musk for violating confidentiality obligations | News

Twitter accuses its potential buyer Elon Musk of not complying with a non-disclosure agreement. Musk previously revealed that the sample size for checking a fake account on the social media platform is 100 users by default, which would have exposed sensitive information.

The Tesla CEO himself announced that he has been contacted by the company’s legal team.

Musk has already agreed with Twitter’s board of directors to buy the company for $44 billion (more than 42 billion euros) and take it off the stock exchange. He announced on Friday that he first wanted more clarity about the number of spam accounts with the messaging service. An official document on Twitter revealed earlier this month that less than 5 percent of daily users are from spam accounts. The number of active users is important to potential profitability because spam accounts do not respond to advertisements.

Musk said his team will test a “random sample of 100 followers” on Twitter to identify fake accounts. He said he chose this number because Twitter always bases its accounts of fake accounts on this sample size. With this last comment, Musk had breached confidentiality.

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