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U.S. companies cover travel expenses for employees who have to travel to another state for an abortion Abroad

Many US companies, including Yelp, Amazon and Citigroup, are committed to reimbursing staff who have to move to another state for an abortion. With that, they take a stand following the leak of documents that the US Supreme Court plans to revoke abortion rights.

Citigroup has announced New policy action two months ago After many states like Texas completely banned abortion.

Yelp, a site that collects consumer reviews from businesses and hospitality businesses, also promises to support employees who have to leave the state to access abortion. In doing so, the company seeks to ensure that employees have equal access to health care. “We need such a facility to protect employees and ensure they get the health care they need no matter what state they live in,” Miriam Warren, Yelp’s chief diversity officer, told Reuters. and the jeans brand Levi Strauss & Co promise to reimburse abortion workers’ travel expenses, while Oklahoma, Texas and 29 Republican-controlled states restrict access to abortion.

Fear of Republican revenge

Walmart, Target & Walt Disney Co. Other prominent employers such as refuse to engage in the debate. In fact, some fear the growing trend among politicians in Republican states to punish corporations for their positions on social issues. For example, Florida Republican Gov. Ron Desandis signed a bill in April that stripped Disney of its self-government rights to theme parks near Orlando in response to their opposition to a new law restricting education about LGBTQ + issues in schools in Florida. Limited.

In April, dozens of House Republicans announced they would pay travel expenses to employees who wish to have an abortion, following the announcement by the financial institution that it would cut Citigroup Inc. as a credit card issuer.

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