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U.S. judge rescinds mouth mask requirement on flights and public transportation

A federal judge in the U.S. state of Florida has ruled that the requirement for a mask on public transportation is no longer valid for a week.

The requirement for a mask on public transportation imposed by the US National Health Service CDC is illegal. This was stated in the judgment of Federal Judge Katherine Kimball Michel. Its 59-page decision states that the CDC violated its powers, and the court immediately quashed the extension of the mask requirement.

This duty applies to many public places such as bus, tram, metro and air. A senior government official said on Monday evening that the mouth mask duty was not currently in place. The Transport Safety Administration (TSA), the agency responsible for public transport safety, has already stated that it will no longer carry out the duty. The U.S. Justice Department has not yet commented on the ruling, but can appeal.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the report was “disappointing”. Meanwhile, the CDC continues to strongly recommend wearing a mask on public transport.

Thumb rule: mask for six years on board

Staff and passengers on all domestic and some foreign flights are not required to wear a mask. For example, American Airlines and Delta Airlines – some of the largest American airlines – no longer use the mask duty. The U.S. Department of Civil Aviation has been pushing for the elimination of the need for mouth masks for some time.

Does that mean you no longer have to wear a mouth mask when flying from Belgium to the United States? “It’s a thumb rule that every person from the age of six wears a mask on a plane, but the rules are different for every airline,” said Brussels Airlines spokeswoman Ihsane Siova Lekli. ‘No need for a mouth mask at Zaventem Airport today.’

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“It is difficult to say whether the rules will change in Belgium, but now masks will be mandatory on our flights to US destinations,” said Brussels Airlines spokesman Mike Andrews.

Delta Airlines has already announced that mouth masks are not mandatory on all flights, but has warned that this could lead to confusion in the coming days. Southwest and American Airlines say both employees and passengers can choose whether or not to wear a mask on their flights. Airlines insist that masks may still be needed on flights to international destinations.