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UK Snooker Championship gets new look: 'The stars are definitely on the TV stage' |  snooker

UK Snooker Championship gets new look: ‘The stars are definitely on the TV stage’ | snooker

In previous editions of the UK Snooker Championship, 128 professional players started in the first round. Now there will be a qualifying tournament with the participation of 128 players: 112 professionals and 16 amateurs are invited.

Sixteen qualifiers will secure a place in the main draw, which will take place at the York Barbican from November 12-20. “This format is a perfect fit for the World Cup, so it’s also perfect for the second biggest event in the standings,” said Steve Dawson, head of World Snooker.

“This way we are sure that the biggest stars will be on the televised stage of the tournament, while the playoffs will create their own drama and tension.”

Dawson also reported that the Scotsman Stephen Hendry and the Irish Ken Dohertytwo former world champions, will receive a Tour Pass for the next two seasons despite their low rating.

“They are great ambassadors for billiards, and both have contributed significantly to the growth of our sport for many years. Both Kane and Stephen continue to gain the attention of fans, television, and the media,” said Dawson.

The 52-year-old Doherty became the world champion in 1997, playing the UK final three times and the Masters final twice. Hendry, 53, holds the record with seven world titles (1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1999). He won the UK Championship five times and the Masters six times. Both Doherty and Hendry are currently commentators for the BBC.