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US Attorney General: “Mail Must Be Delivered With Electric Fleet”

In the United States, a panel of 17 attorneys general has urged the United States Postal Service (USPS) to halt purchases of gasoline-powered vans pending a new environmental assessment. The call encourages the postal service to purchase electric vehicles.

The US Postal Service Last month it announced plans to buy at least 25,000 electric vans to replace its aging car fleet. “This will more than double previous plans,” Reuters news agency points out.


However, a group of 17 U.S. states, led by California and New York, is demanding that the Postal Service rethink its plans, focusing more attention on environmental justice and tackling the climate crisis.

In April, 16 US states, four environmental groups and the United Auto Workers also filed lawsuits to block the Postal Service. Its future vans Especially for a gas engine. Reference was made to the postal company’s contract with the Oshkosh Defense Company for the supply of vans.

That contract was worth $2.98 billion, but was based on an illegal environmental analysis, according to the complaint. It is also noteworthy that the agreements were signed before even the first environmental assessment was completed. The White House and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have asked the USPS to reconsider its plans.

Government budget

“The Postal Service has made its decision Modernization of its navy Rob Bonda, California’s attorney general, let customers down in his commentary on the call. “After all, an outdated technology was chosen, which consumes large amounts of gas. The use of cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternatives was not considered.

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USPS announced plans to offer significant electric vans last month. It has been argued that the Postal Service will purchase at least 25,000 electric vehicles from Oshkosh. With this, electric cars will represent half of all new purchases. Previously purchased More than 10,000 electric vehicles planned.

The US government has given the USPS a $3 billion budget to fund more electric cars and charging infrastructure. The US Postal Service did not provide information on the cost of purchasing the 25,000 electric vans. The company also did not provide more information about the specific expenditure of the allocated budget.