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US imposes travel ban on 28 Cuban officials for suppressing protests | Abroad

The US government is imposing visa restrictions on 28 Cuban government employees, some of whom were involved in the violent suppression of peaceful protests on July 11 last year. This was reported by the US State Department.

Among those admitted were officials of the Communist Party. They are said to have authorized or implemented “violent and unjustified arrests, sham trials and lengthy prison sentences for hundreds of protesters”. Government officials who spread misinformation are also affected.

A year ago, the largest protests against socialist government in decades took to the streets in many cities for freedom and against oppression and mismanagement. Video footage shows the mostly peaceful demonstrations violently dispersed by security forces. The authoritarian government portrayed the demonstrations as a US-led attack against the country’s constitutional order and stability.

Activists say more than 1,400 people have been arrested. Last month, 381 people were sentenced to decades in prison, according to the government.

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