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US minister warns: ‘We are too dependent on chips from Taiwan’

Minister Raimondo did Pronunciation At the Conference for US Ambassadors and Senior Officials. Due to tensions between China and Taiwan, armed conflict could affect the supply of chips from Taiwanese manufacturers.

Taiwanese DSMC It is the world’s largest chip maker. Chip companies such as MediaTek and ASE Group are also Taiwanese. Additionally, major manufacturers such as Apple suppliers Foxconn, Pegatron, and Quanta are also Taiwanese.

$50 billion

The U.S. government wants to invest heavily in expanding chip production domestically so as not to become dependent on foreign companies. Allocating more than $50 billion for it. However, the US Congress has yet to pass Biden’s CHIPS Act, but Republicans are criticizing it.

Comparison with Russian gas

Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers compared America’s dependence on Taiwanese chips to Europe’s dependence on Russian natural gas. “Now people look at Germany and say, ‘How can they rely on Russian natural gas?’ Soon they looked at us and said, ‘How can we trust Taiwanese chips?’ They would say that, Summers said.


In the coming years, the EU will also spend Billions To increase the production of chips in EU countries. EU member states also provide government aid to US chipmakers. For example, according to German media, Intel receives billions for construction Two large chip factories near the German city of Magdeburg.

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