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Van der Poel perfectly sums up the boring Giro trip, while the Dutch do a "Belgian joke": "Mathieu first wanted, but didn't dare"

Van der Poel perfectly sums up the boring Giro trip, while the Dutch do a “Belgian joke”: “Mathieu first wanted, but didn’t dare”

Arnaud Démare sprinted to victory in his second stage at the Giro on Thursday, after a deadly boring stage. He even went so far as to launch fake attacks.

Vincent van Gensten

Diego Rosa was the only fugitive today on the Tour of Italy, but he could also have been a fugitive. Pascal Einkorn and Bouki Mollema tried to break up at the start of the stage. However, it later turned out to be a joke. Sprinter Magnus Kurt Nielsen also briefly caught attention.

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Watch too. There’s this Giro duo again: Matthew van der Poel and Tom Dumoulin talking wildly in the Giro

“It was an incredibly boring day,” Enkhorn said after the ride. “For the first four hours, it averaged a heart rate of 100 and pedaling at 150 watts. Not much to say. That attack with a Bock? You sometimes see Belgians doing it on such a flight, so we said: Shall we do it now as Dutchmen? Matthew (Van der Poel, ed.) initially wanted to participate, but in the end he didn’t dare. It took a very long time for someone to walk away, so we were going to have a little fun along the way.”

So Van der Poel stayed in Peloton and, in his own words, experienced the “easiest race” he’s ever driven.

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