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Van Doren wins Belgian encounter in EHL: 'Vanasch has been abandoned' |  hockey

Van Doren wins Belgian encounter in EHL: ‘Vanasch has been abandoned’ | hockey

Just like last year, the biggest Dutch club Bloemendaal won the European Hockey League. In the final, Red Lion’s Arthur Van Doren played hard against Rot-Weiss Köln (4-0), the team of German goalkeeper Vincent Vanach.

“It’s still fun to win a gold medal,” Van Doren said with a wide smile after the final in Amsterdam. “It still makes me very happy. I’m not used to it yet.”

Bloemendaal has already been on the honor roll 5 times, and now twice in a row. What is the secret of the Dutch? “It’s a huge cliché, but true: we are a team. The team is very closely related and has many qualities in different areas. We showed it again with a strong and solid final.”

4-0, these are tough numbers for the final. Van Doren said: “We have a number of players who can play hockey well and we defend hard together. It has been the basis of our success. From this foundation we play beautiful hockey with sharp counters.”

After two final victories in the Premier League and the national title in the Netherlands, Van Doren has not yet thought of a new adventure. “The ambitions are still high,” he says. “In May we want to fight for the title again.”

“Getting double in a row. I don’t think many teams will do that for us. We’ll see what happens next. But it’s still good to stay at Bloemendaal, it’s not time to leave yet.”

Vincent Vanach may be the first player to win the Premier League title with three different clubs. Ambition Van Doren still cherished? “I’m not looking this far yet. Vanach has already shown that he is the best. He deserved to win just as much, but his team let him down a little bit.”

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Goalkeeper Vincent Vanach was disappointed. “I’m disappointed,” he said. “We haven’t shown what we can do. It’s a shame.”

“Blomendahl deserved to win. They took 12 penalties and had some good games. I had to save a lot, so 4-0 is not unexpected.”

Vanach hasn’t given up hope of capturing his third EHL Cup just yet. “I have already won and lost the finals. Now we will work hard to win next year. We will learn a lot from this competition and we have to show what we can do.”