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Van Vleuten had to change bikes 3 times (!): 'It's not my style to compete' |  Tour de France

Van Vleuten had to change bikes 3 times (!): ‘It’s not my style to compete’ | Tour de France

Annemiek van Vleuten’s mechanics were working overtime. The Dutch yellow jersey had to change bikes at least three times during the final stage. Despite all this physical breakdown, I was able to get back on the front line relatively quickly.

A scenario you would prefer not to experience as a yellow jersey in the last leg of the Tour. Anime Van Vleuten has had a lot of bad luck along the way.

“In the landing I had a puncture on my yellow bike. Luckily my teammate gave me a fast bike, but that saddle was a lot lower. So I had to race a kids’ bike.”

“When they heard up front that I had a flat tire, they started driving. If you want to race like this, you have to do it. That wouldn’t be my way of racing and I wouldn’t want to win that way. Some people seem to think otherwise.”

“Fortunately, thanks to the team, I was quickly introduced again. I never panicked, because of course I have a lot of progress. Then I thought: I’m going to put it here.”

And I did. Watch the interview with Van Vleuten and her bike changing during the race below.

Van Vleuten swapping bikes with one of his teammates

The return of the Dutch in an impressive way

But then she has to go back to her own bike

Then Van Vleuten changes for the third time

Did Van Vleuten feel uncomfortable with the bile?

José de Coeur kicked the cross, and was headed by Robin van Gucht and Ein Payne. The first in the commentary for the duo suggested that Van Vleuten’s yellow special bike might not have been installed until tonight. As a result, it was not set up one hundred percent correctly.

“And then immediately you have to drive one of the most important races of your life,” Payne added. “You can then assemble a bike in exactly the same way… there is still a slight difference. If you are very sensitive to it, you will notice the difference immediately.”

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