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VAR Trouble at European Women's Championship: 'This is a football joke' |  Women's European Football Championship 2022

VAR Trouble at European Women’s Championship: ‘This is a football joke’ | Women’s European Football Championship 2022

VAR is talked about in every competition these days. And in the European Women’s Championships in England a little more. Especially now that semi-finalists Sweden have denounced some tough points – like the lack of cameras.

Don’t be alarmed if Swedish women don’t immediately dare celebrate their goal tonight. The team has a history in this tournament.

The Scandinavians have already witnessed a goal that has been disallowed by the VAR at least five times. In two cases, the correctness of this decision was seriously questioned.

Even former referee Jonas Ericsson undermined the entire VAR intervention against Switzerland. “This line has been drawn completely wrong,” he told Expressen. “On the wrong side of the ball, so it’s not really offside.”

Sweden won the match, but that did not limit the misunderstanding between the players. Goalkeeper Zejeira Mosovic criticized on Twitter afterwards: “Obviously the people in the VAR room don’t know the rules. This is a joke for football.”

As if the devil was involved, the Swedish women also saw an impermissible target by sneaking (disputed) against the red flame. Because of the blurred camera angle, these doubts cannot be dispelled.

And that was just one drop too much for the Swedes. In recent days, they have been interested in the use of VAR technology in the European Championships in the media.

Sweden captain Aslani grumbled: “It seems that the number of cameras used in our tournament is 50% less than the men.” “This is a disaster. Because it can decide profit and loss.”

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My feeling is that sometimes we rely a lot on VAR.

Peter Gerhardson

Coach Peter Gerhardsson also deplored the operation of the video reference. “You are incompetent for your job if you can’t apply the rules properly. There shouldn’t be a difference with the guys – that’s not good enough. I feel sometimes we rely too much on the VAR. I hope it’s better for the semi-finals.”

There is no difference according to UEFA

Due to all the turmoil, the UEFA spokesperson had to fend for himself again – just as with the dissatisfaction with the very small pitches of this European championship.

“The television production of the European Women’s Championship is at the same level as the European Men’s Champions League,” it said in a statement. “VAR camera support is higher than in the European Championship due to the presence of additional cameras.”

A claim that cannot be substantiated due to the different uses of the devices – some of them are only used to track players.

So let’s hope there won’t be any tight offside in the next few days…