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Verstappen High Gerbstones criticized Miami: “Almost inactive!”

The debut of the Miami Grand Prix was a huge success. The stands were packed, had a large media focus and ratings were rising in the United States. However, there were criticisms from both the teams and the drivers, and not everyone was happy with the round.

The very tight second sector in particular received a lot of criticism. The field had a very tight fringe with a large gerbstone. Something went wrong here during training sessions. Esteban Ocon and Carlos Sainz both clashed very hard and Max Verstappen kept his red grass outside the concrete wall.


Verstappen eventually won the inaugural Grand Prix, but was also important. He wants to see something change, he told the international press: “It would have been nice in the Karts, it would have been a good mix, but not in the Formula 1 car. I think what Carlos already said, on the contrary, depends mainly on the mix of black stones here.”


Over the weekend, Verstappen made an unpleasant acquaintance with the challenging curbstones in the much-discussed Chicken. He did not particularly enjoy it: “During my four rounds on Friday, I’m almost fainted because I hit the first curb so hard. Your head jumps from left to right, it happens at least five or six times. Too bad you do not send too much there. That curb is too much Long, wide and hard. It’s not made for that. “

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