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Veterinary Training Lingehoeve Central Zeeland is now in Goes

Goes – you may have a veterinarian. Fien Cnockaert (25) has already met at the Lingehoeve Animal Clinic in Lienden. De Lingehoeve formed an alliance with Drs. Trained at 39’s Gravenpolderseweg in Hos von Dijk, Kos in Heinkenschand. When the partnership Lingehoeve Midden-Zeeland was formed, things happened quickly. Time to get closer.

Henk van Dijk asked Fien Cnockert from Erpe-Mere (East Flanders) to continue the vacancy training course at Kos as a permanent veterinarian within the partnership. “Actually, I went on an adventure. I know someone from Lingehoeve, and I heard they were looking for a veterinarian in Zeeland for a mixed training (horse and allied animals). After graduating in the summer of 2021 (horse with the desired subject, editorial), it was a dream come true. Opportunity.In Lingehoeve they said ‘If you like it you can come and work for us until it starts in Goes’ where I got a lot of experience with people and culture.I passed the door here on January 3rd.Everything is new, I have never seen the place inside before. Henk von Dijk, his wife and friends gave me a good start. The living space above the practice was painted and fitted with some furniture for me on New Year’s weekend. She says with a laugh.
Three and a half months later she is well accustomed. “Initially it was a bit high. The clinic in Lyndon has a lot of veterinarians, so if I have any questions I will leave the consulting room and consult with a colleague. But it’s really fun to dig in, search and find solutions yourself. Together, now things are running smoothly and Fine enjoys the lamb as a special feature in Zeeland. ”Henk has already done that, and I got a phone call at my service. During my studies I went on an internship in the UK to learn it. Doing this is so much fun, it gives me a lot of energy when things go well and they are healthy. Helping with this even at night gives me a boost.
On weekends, Fian still wants to go to his parents’ home in Erbe-Mar.

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Dr. Fien Cnockert, Veterinarian
4462 RA Goes-Oversight
0113 – 21 34 19
Suggestions by appointment from
Monday to Friday. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.