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Villa owner Vincent van Trier and Slim Tonk had a three-day wedding in Antwerp

Villa owner Vincent van Trier and Slim Tonk had a three-day wedding in Antwerp

Vincent van Trier, 39, the former Antwerp goalkeeper and villa owner, and fashion designer Selim Tonk, 29, gave each other their approval in February. This is now celebrated with a lavish three-day wedding that began on Tuesday and continues through today and tomorrow.

On Tuesday, the couple’s well-known and unknown guests arrived at the five-star The Botanic Sanctuary in Antwerp. The festivities began with a cocktail party attended by, among others, Liz Ferrin, Aster Nziemana, Victor Verhulst and his girlfriend Sarah Bottimans.

Today is the desired day. The schedule includes a party, dinner with an opening dance and a dance party until the early hours. The three-day event will conclude on Thursday with a hearty breakfast.

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Van Trier and Tonk have been a couple for a long time, but their relationship has been kept secret for at least eight years. “Boy from the nightlife, I didn’t dare tell my family,” said the Belgian-Turkish earlier this year. latest news† She finally did, and in September of last year Van Trier introduced her in Dubai.

Van Trier threw himself into the nightlife after his football career in Antwerp. The BV disco owns The Villa in Antwerp, Carré in Willebroek, and several catering establishments in Antwerp.

The Antwerp resident does not have an impeccable reputation. became last year He was sentenced to one year in prison for assault and battery. In 2016, he had to appear in court on charges of breach of trust. When he upgraded the Roxy Club in Antwerp, he was said to have received thousands of euros in entry fees.

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