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Vivaldi releases mail client version 1.0 with feed reader and calendar feature – Computer – News

Browser maker Vivaldi has released version 1.0 of its email client. Vivaldi Mail is integrated into the Vivaldi browser and will have a built-in feed reader and a built-in calendar.

The release version of Vivaldi Mail is available in the latest version of the Chromium-based web browser, write the company† In the client, users can sign in with services such as Gmail, Outlook, Fastmail, Yahoo Mail, and Vivaldi Webmail. Pop3 and imap are also supported. Vivaldi Mail supports multiple email accounts at the same time and will have a built-in feed reader, for example for RSS and Atom feeds, and a calendar that can work both online and offline.

Vivaldi Mail indexes incoming emails so they can also be viewed offline and automatically organizes them into folders. According to the manufacturer, this is happening entirely locally on the user’s device and not in the cloud. Moreover, the customer gets a customizable design with different layouts and themes. Keyboard shortcuts allow users to quickly switch between unread emails, among other things.

Vivaldi already released a beta version last year In version 4.0 of its web browser† Users can enable Vivaldi Mail, Feed Reader, and Calendar in their web browser settings, under General Features and Productivity Features. Features are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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