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Vlasov has the best final shot in Switzerland, Remko Evenpoel cracks in the final |  Tour of Switzerland 2022

Vlasov has the best final shot in Switzerland, Remko Evenpoel cracks in the final | Tour of Switzerland 2022

The center of gravity for this tour in Switzerland was actually expected as of tomorrow only, but today’s cycle has already led to a plethora of choices. Lead heat also played a role.

The previous period was still relatively smooth. A group of five passengers were allowed to withdraw and were given too much space. The peloton knew what awaited them.

The domestic rounds that made up the final of this stage were tough. Sylvain Dellier was the last to escape, but was captured 20 kilometers from the end. In some kind of World Cup tournament, there was not a single moment of rest: the road surface was constantly rising and falling. This resulted in casualties.

Soon leader Stephen Williams was forced to withdraw. Remco Evenepoel also had to pass for the first time about 20 kilometers from the finish. On the descent, the young Belgian managed to make a comeback, but the next climb was too much. He seemed to succumb to the heat.

Evenepoel eventually lost 2’12” and could probably shake off his ratings ambitions.

Initially, it was Ineos Grenadiers and Israel-Premier Tech who took matters into their own hands. Jacob Vogelsang accelerated uphill, but couldn’t turn away.

About fifteen passengers gathered together after the last official colonel. Fuglsang took advantage of a moment of despair and crept away to his feet. In the last two kilometers ascending, four more riders returned: Alexander Vlasov, Max Schachmann, Nelson Bowles and Geriant Thomas.

Chachman prevented any cavalry from returning and the enemy began to serve his colleague Vlasov. The Russian thanked for the confidence by showing himself the fastest on the sloping finish. Powless had to settle for second place. Fuglsang took third place.

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Thanks to his stage victory, Vlasov also received the leader’s jersey from Williams. The arrangements were completely turned upside down. It looks like Thomas and Vogelsang are set to be the main contenders for the remainder of the Tour de Suisse.