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Vlissingen for a record attempt (and eats) to eat muscles.

This is not the first time training has taken place in Wilmington. For the first time in 2019 more than 400 people gathered. A record did not last long because it was surpassed that year in Belgium with 567 muscle eaters at a table.

This time 671 people joined. That number is not yet fully official because it has not yet been verified by the company. But with or without achievement, it will not be a new world record.

2019 and this year’s efforts are exercises, so not official. These exercises are the prelude to the important work of 2024. Then there is the intention to officially register in the Guinness Book of Records. The initiative coincides well with the European Beach Volleyball Championship, which will later take place at Wilmington Bath Beach.

Pieter Ventevogel, organizer of the Boulevard Experience, believes that the number of diners tonight is pale compared to the number believed to be at the table in two years: 1500. “Then the whole boulevard is full of tables. Isn’t it beautiful?”

Looks like how the audience thinks about it. “Eating in Boulevard in our hometown, and then with this weather. Isn’t this great?”, Roose says briefly. It can also attract visitors from outside the city like Michael from Rotterdam. “Come especially for mussels. I thought: If the weather cooperates, it’s going to be awesome.”

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