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VRT turns Ghent's winter circus into a warm atmosphere for the Red Devils during the World Cup |  World Cup 2022

VRT turns Ghent’s winter circus into a warm atmosphere for the Red Devils during the World Cup | World Cup 2022

VRT is on its way to the World Cup in Qatar: in November and December, it was a guest at Ghent for its broadcast. The central location will be the famous Winter Circus. The former event hall has been completely renovated and is ready to become a hot spot for VRT coverage and for experience around the World Cup, in Ghent and throughout Flanders. To this end, VRT is working closely with the City of Ghent and urban development company Ghent sogent.

During the World Cup we will all support the Red Devils together again. We want to see and know all about the tournament’s path, the Devils’ sporting achievements, and what’s happening in and around the team.

No other sporting event generates so much shared passion. VRT is fully committed to this shared experience and therefore wants to engage the audience as much as possible in Sporza’s coverage of the World Cup, its context and additional viewing on all of its channels.

This is why the broadcaster began looking for a central location accessible to the audience that could serve as a hub for its radio, television and online shows, but also as a base camp for the various editorial teams and as a reception and experience space for audiences and supporters.

The choice fell on Winter Circus in Ghent, a unique downtown complex that was recently completely renovated by sogent. The winter circus has a past as a racetrack, circus and event hall, and in the future it will be used as a multi-functional space for technology companies, but also for culture, restaurants and other activities.

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Like VRT, Winter Circus combines a tradition of culture, entertainment and relaxation with an innovative vision of the future.

“The Winter Circus in Ghent is the perfect place for us to experience the World Cup together with all the Flemish people,” says CEO Frederic Delaplace of VRT. “It’s a beautiful building with lots of open interior space and lots of possibilities.”

“Like the VRT, it combines the traditions of culture, entertainment, and relaxation with an innovative vision of the future. November and December promise to be warm weeks at the Winter Circus. The VRT is ready, and we hope the Devils are too.”

Mayor de Klerk: “The World Cup will live in our city”

Collaboration around the World Cup is broader than just a broadcast site. It is a broad partnership between VRT, the city of Ghent, the tourism sector, the social economy and the county of East Flanders. The focus is on the World Cup experience, with all kinds of public events, but there is also room to take a critical look at the situation in Qatar.

Mayor Matthias de Klerk and Alderman Bram van Breckvelt of Party and Tourism are of course satisfied: “It is a great honor to welcome VRT and Sporza to this wonderful winter circus. This will beautifully depict our city every day for more than a month.”

“In Ghent, there is a very strong social fabric around football that will come to the fore in this story. We are convinced that the World Cup will live on in our city.”

More information will follow later on the exact approach of the World Cup by VRT, the collaboration with the City of Ghent and sogent, and the role of the Winter Circus in this.

But first, our attention will turn to the Tour de France, the European Football Championship, the European Championship and many other exciting competitions this summer. And of course also to Gentse Feesten.