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Wahine never wants to leave Zeeland, where it’s wonderful for young entrepreneurs Weekend

portrait | VideoWahine Wisse is twenty years old. But unlike many young people, she didn’t want to leave Zeeland. Indeed, ‘650 kilometers of coastline, beautiful beaches, forests and an excellent business environment’ cannot be dragged out of Wahine province with a hundred horses.

Rene Hoonhorst

Wahine vice. © Dirk-Jan Gjeltema

Wahine (the ‘e’ you add: not Wahien, but Wahine’) Wisse completed her communications studies at HZ earlier this month and received her diploma last week. She doesn’t have to think twice about what she is going to do and where she is going to work. Because he founded his own company almost two years ago: TWISST Content, which was renamed Wahine Marketing after finishing school. It is a marketing agency that, among other things, markets companies through attractive texts on websites and social media.

Special name, Wahine. Where does it come from?

“Wahine means ‘woman’ to the Maori in New Zealand. In the Polynesian Islands, it means “woman”. My father lived in New Zealand for a few years.

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