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Julie De Wilde en Justine Ghekiere

WATCH: Ghekiere chokes on the last corner, De Wilde picks up a stab | Cycling

Brilliant finale at the Women’s GP de Wallonie: With the finishing touch in sight, frontrunner Justine Jquiere lost control of her bike. Don’t worry about her team, Blantur-Bora: Julie de Wilde took the reins and set off for victory at Namur Castle.

Yara Castelen paved the way for Justin Gekiri with two attacks on Namur Castle. The 26-year-old was on her way to victory on her own, until – she was visibly tired – she misjudged the last corner.

Ghekiere fired off the click pedal and had to leave the win to teammate Julie De Wilde. Kastelijn finished third. So Blantur-Bora took over the entire stage.

Top 10 Best Walloon GBD For Women

  1. Julie de Wilde
  2. Justin Jkier
  3. Yara Castelen (Ned)
  4. Rachel Neelan (Australia)
  5. Kirsty Van Havten (Ned)
  6. Nicole Frane (Australia)
  7. Anya Lowe (Australia)
  8. Eva van Agt (Ned)
  9. Quinte Schwens (Ned)
  10. Where is the pipe?

Julie de Wilde is part of the Belgium World Cup squad. Tomorrow you will sail to Australia.

Next Wednesday, De Wilde will start the mixed relay race, next Saturday she will ride the road race in Wollongong.

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