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Watch: Tammy Abraham ready to duel the striker with Cyril Desires in the Conference League Final |  TIM Serie A 2021/2022

Watch: Tammy Abraham ready to duel the striker with Cyril Desires in the Conference League Final | TIM Serie A 2021/2022

  1. 42′ – Penalty kick goal – Tammy Abraham (0-2)
  2. 33′ – Goal – Tammy Abraham (0-1)
  3. 21′ – Yellow – Christian Ansaldic
  4. 20′ – Yellow – Roger Ibanez
  1. 84′ – Samuel Ritchie’s follow-up to Rolando Mandragora
  2. 83′ – Follow Lorenzo Pellegrini to Stephan El Shaarawy
  3. 82′ – Follow by Leonardo Spinazzola by Matthias Vina
  4. 78′ – penalty kick goal – Lorenzo Pellegrini (0-3)
  5. 78′ – yellow – Alessandro Bongiorno
  6. 76′ – Followed by Eldor Shumorodov by Niccolo Zaniolo
  7. 76′ – yellow – Eldor Shumorodov
  8. 68′ – Continued by Andrea Belotti by Pietro Pellegri
  9. 58′ – Sergio Oliveira followed Brian Cristante
  10. 58′ – Follow by Nikola Zalosky by Rick Karsdorp

Rome had a good rehearsal for the conference final. Tammy Abraham has put the icing on the cake of his strong season with a record: the former Chelsea striker is now the highest-scoring English player in Serie A. Dennis Bright played 90 minutes in Turin.

Jose Mourinho’s men have a historic date on Wednesday, but Roma can still qualify for the Europa League with a win in Turin.

Dennis Praet was Turin’s starting point. The Belgian saw how Tammy Abraham scored two goals against the ropes before the end of the first half. The Englishman, for example, wrote a record in the Italian competition.

Loriso Pellegrini scored the final result from a penalty kick. Roma looks fully prepared to challenge Feyenoord. Will we see a duel striker between Ibrahim and Desers?

Watch Tammy Abraham’s goals:

  1. The second half, the 93rd minute, the game is over
  2. Matthias Viña (AS Roma) hits the net with his left foot, but his shot goes far. The second half, the 91st minute.
  3. Rolando Mandragora (Torino) can position with his left foot, but his shot is blocked. Second half, 90th minute.
  4. Brian Crisanti (Rome) blows the referee’s whistle. He went away in Dennis Bright (Turin). Second half, 89th minute.
  5. Corner kick for AS Roma. Jordan Veritot kicked him to the far post. Second half, 85th minute.
  6. Etret Berisha (Torino) watches the ball and pushes it away. Second half, 85th minute.
  7. Stephan El Shaarawy (Roma) attacks his left… Second half, minute 85.
  8. Rolando Mandragora (Torino) hits the goal with his left foot, but his shot crosses the goal. Second half, 84th minute.
  9. Sasa Lukic is ready in the corner and takes a corner kick for Torino. Second half, 84th minute.
  10. Second half, minute 84. Substitution in Turin, Rolando Mandragora inside, Samuel Ricci outside.
  11. Jordan Veritot pays the corner kick to Roma. The ball drops in the middle in front of the goal. Second half, 83rd minute.
  12. The second half, the 83rd minute. Substitution in Rome, Stephan El Shaarawy inside, Lorenzo Pellegrini.
  13. The second half, the 82nd minute. Substitution in Rome, Matthias Viña, Leonardo Spinazzola outside
  14. Assistant Referee Flag Raised: Tammy Abraham (Rome) was offside. Second half, 80th minute.
  15. Lorenzo Pellegrini (Roma) puts the ball into the penalty area and converts the penalty kick. Second half, 78th minute.
  16. A goal after a penalty kick in the second half, the 78th minute by Lorenzo Pellegrini from Roma. 0, 3.
  17. Yellow card for Turin’s Alessandro Bongiorno during the second half, 78th minute
  18. Penalty kick for AS Roma! Fault by Alessandro Bongiorno (Torino). Nicolo Zaniolo (Rome) is suspended. Second half, 78th minute.
  19. Marco Bajaca (Turin) hits the target with his right foot, but his shot goes too far. Second half, 77th minute.
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