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Weekend tip.  13 summer bars in Flanders serving delicious regional products: from the best beers to ice cream and brunch |  to eat

Weekend tip. 13 summer bars in Flanders serving delicious regional products: from the best beers to ice cream and brunch | to eat

A wine from Provence that tastes a bit better among the lavender fields and that Italian cheese comes on its own with a view of the olive groves. These 13 Belgian summer bars have perfected the feel of local produce in their natural environment. Here you will discover the tastiest regional products and feel of summer. Where are you going this weekend with a shrimp croquette, regional beer, or farm-fresh ice cream?

During The most beautiful summer bar tool from HLN You’ll find the best summer bars in Flanders. Every week during the summer we highlight some specials. Do you think the titles in this article deserve to be voted on as the best summer bar this year? Or does another title deserve this title? then press over here and cast your vote.

1. West Flanders

Shrimp croquette in perfect location

Dude Marina © Dude Marina

Feet in the sand, the smell of the sea in your nose and the light breeze in your hair: there is no better place to enjoy shrimp croquettes than here. Dude Marina Opens this summer at Newport Pop-up bar for the first time and we already know: This is going to be a keeper.


Angle Curve 1, Newport

Strong things in De Stokerie

The Stokerie in Kortrijk

The Stokerie in Kortrijk © The Stockery

The old pump building in Kortrijk I got a new life as a distillery. You can instantly taste the goodies that are launched here Bar Apero De Stokerie next to the building. Pure or in a cocktail, we leave that choice entirely up to you.


Doorniksesteenweg 402, 8583 Bossuit

Beautiful on the field

Voldershof in Oostrozebeke

Voldershof in Oostrozebeke © Waldershof

A five star place to settle down with the little ones. in an orchard Voldershof in Oostrozebeke You will find cool shade and the most delicious homemade ice cream. There are many toys floating around so that your kids can do their work happily while catching your breath.


Ter Priemstraat 2, 8780 Oostrozebeke

Including a visit to the brewery in Rodenbach

Rodenbach in Roeselaere

Rodenbach in Roeselaere © Rodenbach

Every summer tuesday there is extra life in the brewery Rodenbach beach pop-up bar in Roeselaere You can first visit the brewery, after which you will have a live performance. Perfect to taste with fresh Rodenbach on hand. It is recommended to book in advance.


135 Spain Street, 8800 Roeselare

2. Antwerp

Fun local beer

Hellegathof in Nell

Hellegathof in Nell © Hellegathof

in Antwerp Nile You can enjoy the beautiful garden on the Rupel of the . dam Hellgathof Taste three types of Helgat beer. Choose a fresh drinker or a delicious triplet, all from the kettles of local De Klem brewery. Changing food carts and fresh cocktails will take care of the rest of the fun.


Noeverseweg 34, Nel, Belgium

Kempense cream

You can enjoy walking and cycling in Retie and the surrounding area. All that effort is worth a bit of relaxation and that belongs “Not a good cream” With, preferably, a strong Kempen accent. This is only for Werbek Bar in RetiIt has everything you need for sunny temperatures.


Vrijbroekstraat 3a, 2470 Retie

La Vita e Bella in Boom

Bella's Bar in Boom

Bella’s Bar in Boom © Bella Bar

Italians are always welcome, especially when it comes to ice cream. Bella’s Bar in Boom Trattoria Kaai not only has a lovely hip vibe but also good food especially fresh ice cream according to the rules of gelato art.


3. Limburg

Family Traditions in Limburg

Q . beer bar

Q . beer bar © Berbar K

Under the brew tower at the Cornelissen brewery in Limburg Pick up Cares about Q . beer bar For a relaxed atmosphere that does full justice to beer from a family brewery. From spicy IPA, fruit cherry ale or fresh wheat ale: it’s all on the menu. With a special reference to Vesper, the only beer in the world that comes from a Cistercian sorority.


Itterplein 19, 3960 Opitter (Bree)

New pit stop in peer

knot 03

knot 03 © Node03

Anyone who has ever hopped on their bike knows what time it is: a pop-up bar knot 03 in pears Targets calf biting. With homemade ice cream from fresh farm milk, a terrace in the sun and a children’s playground, everything is there to supply you as you ride your bike through this beautiful part of Limburg.


Mgr. Broekxstraat, 3990 Peer

Kumble beer on the banks of the river Maas

pleasures of muse

pleasures of muse © Maasgenotjes

Muse fun in Kenroe‘: The name of the summer pub itself instantly makes you settle on sun loungers at the marina in Kenroe. It’s not hard to let everything go here and the local beer Kompel Zomergoud provides the extra shine.


Maasstraat 82, 3640 Kinrooi

4. East Flanders

Rest and big dust in Hagland

Rust and dust

Rust and dust © Rust and Dust

Rolling Hagland needs little to entice you. However, the summer bar does just that Comfort and dust in Aalter Maximize it with artisan ranch ice cream for those who need a scoop of cold. And dust your beer for those who like something delicious.


Masts in the meadow

You don’t always need a festive lawn to feel the feel of summer right down to the tips of your toes. in Summer Bar at Wibblegame You will find drinks, food carts, and a party every now and then. You can also book a delicious breakfast regularly, including the local specialty: the mastille. Yes, bake cakes. They love to keep things tidy here!


Alkhair 23 9940 Evergem,

All Trappists what time is it


monastery © Monastery

monastery garden in Arshot He knows how to elegantly complement the abbey setting and has only Trappists made products on the menu. Beer is well represented, of course, both from our country and from abroad, but also cheese, bread, juice and chocolate mousse.


Diestsestraat 7, 3200 Aarschot

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