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Welcome to the neighborhood in the new service center with 23 apartments and space for social activities in the evening

Residents living near Berkenlaan 1 and users of the service center were invited by Woonstichting VechtHorst and the municipality for a walk in the evening. On Tuesday, August 30th they will receive information about the intended appearance of the building and the site, in terms of choice of materials, green spaces, and play and play facilities.

The results of the road safety study, the study of additional accessibility to the Ebbinge Wubbenlaan and the design of the new service center will also be shared. Arrival time is from 7.30 pm at the service center.

On Monday, April 12th, the city council approved a global blueprint for the Perkinlan 1 Service Center. The old building – the former school, will be demolished. This will be replaced by a new building with space on the ground floor for social organizations in the service center. Above that there will be 23 apartments for rent.


The VechtHorst Housing Association and the municipality are working together to develop the scheme for the scheme. VechtHorst will soon become the owner of the new building and the municipality will retain the subsoil.

Housing B and W van Staphorst and VechtHorst focus on 25 apartments in three buildings and partly three floors. At first, VechtHorst wanted more homes. In the end, the council selected 23 apartments and studies for additional access to Ebbinge Wubbenlaan. The board finds one exit in Perkinlan to be too meager. The neighborhood prefers not to build housing in this location.