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What do you think of iOS 16? – iOS Software

I’ve been using iOS 16 for a while now, and on the second day, I got into the deep end.

I wasn’t expecting much from him. I have an iPhone SE 2020 and it works very smoothly. I am pleasantly surprised by the possibilities with access screens. There are also minor changes in some of the apps I use like Reminders that I like.
I only know a few people who also have iOS 16, so I’m not sure if I like the changes to iMessage.

Of course, a lot of jobs have been postponed. Nevertheless I am happy. I tend to focus more now than I did before. I like that you can now set it up so that you can easily see which focus is active, due to the association with the lock screen.

What do you think of iOS 16 so far?

I still have to install it on our iPhones. Have you seen anything that makes you say “Yes, just for that you have to install it!” Or is it more of the same?

At the moment the only thing that has changed for me is the clock font on the home screen (while I thought the thin font was neat). I have an idea that the battery drains faster in the SE 2020. So for me it was actually an unnecessary update, which brings more flaws than innovation.
Finally, many of the functions, which Apple praised in this update, are either not available in the Netherlands or have not yet been implemented.

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