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Where can we find the best summer bar?  House of Centroit, Chef Missy Gilly Beckmann and Sibideh to judge the five finalists |  showbiz

Where can we find the best summer bar? House of Centroit, Chef Missy Gilly Beckmann and Sibideh to judge the five finalists | showbiz

showbizThe chaff is separated from the wheat. Out of more than 350 summer bars from across Flanders, five finalists were selected for the title of ‘Best Summer Bar of the Year’. It’s up to HLN’s three-member jury to choose one winner out of these five.

Bar Zuid, Rijkevorsel (Antwerp): junk had to make way for cocktails

© Toon Verheijen

At ‘t Stad you come across a few great summer pubs with years of experience on the counter, but summer gems are also popping up everywhere in green municipalities. One of these top spots will obviously get the most votes: Bar Zuid in Rijkevorsel. Charlotte Swiggers and Tuya Matei create a blissful oasis with a purely holiday feel at a junkyard. The many play options for children and the view of the fields with sheep grazing make this place unique.

Café Jardin, Tervuren (Flemish Brabant): a local band performance every Friday

Garden Cafe

© Cafe Jardin

In Flemish Brabant, surfing most of the summer bars has a sense of community. Café Jardin in Tervuren is a gentle champion of that local vibe. Every Friday they dedicate the stage to a local band that can try to get people to dance. With a glass in hand and a tasty snack, it’s not hard to see this cozy garden as a piece of holiday paradise just around the corner.

Sewell Willen (Limburg): Between peacocks and rabbits

Quinine Caroline

© Caroline Quinn

In green Limburg you will find plenty of summer bars along the canal, perfect for a refreshing holiday. This hidden gem is Wellen’s Siwel Private Garden. You can almost pass it by, but Sibert Diepvens and Berre Swinnen still managed to make their summer bar known to the general public. “We do our best for all of our customers, including the jury,” the duo confirm. Cute wallabies, peacocks, and rabbits provide a much-loved factor with which they want to charm a jury.

Pata Pata Beach Bar, Middelkerke (West Flanders): Enjoy the sand between your toes

Bata Bata Beach Bar

© Bata Bata Beach Bar

Reclaimed lands, authentic villages, legendary hospitality: in West Flanders there seems to be a microclimate perfect for summer pubs. But not surprisingly, it is the best beach bar on the coast. The owners of Pata Pata Beach Bar are already looking forward to the jury’s arrival: “We will do everything we can for Piet Huysentruyt.” The rustle of the sea, the sand between your toes and the enchanting sunsets are indeed guaranteed. Pata Pata Beach Bar adds another layer of Ibiza with white furniture, bright blue accents, and a cocktail menu to match the setting.

Lone, Ghent (East Flanders): lit weekend barbecue

the lawn

© color

The original initiatives were revised from castle gardens to lawns, but the finalist was the veritable summer gent’s bar Gazon. The bar plays its culinary origins for the third year in a row in the park of the Kristallijn ice rink. The majestic weeping willows, atmospheric lanterns, and opportunities to play darts or petanque obviously convince the residents of Ghent. Another plus: tapas are more subtle here and Ofyr fires are lit on the weekends. “For the jury visit, we lit them a little early, so we could grill our barbecue snacks in front of them,” explains Principal Jonas Vercruisen.

Choose the winner

Peter Jan van Stockstreten / Robin Guyden / Stephen Richardson

© Peter Jan van Stockstraiten / Robin Guyden / Stephen Richardson

Piet Huysentruyt (59), television chef and founder of the star restaurant Likoké in southern France

“If all goes well, you’ll get a holiday vibe in a split second. But everyone who knows me a little knows: I’m the food man. Put me in a shed, it’s all good, as long as the dish tastes good. That doesn’t mean it has to be a kitchen.” Classy.When putting tapas on the menu, stick with what you can handle.Meatballs in tomato sauce,patatas bravas,pan con tomate…Make the classics the way they should be.And think about the service.Never underestimate it.The waiter can to visit you or stop her.”

Sepideh Sedaghatnia (38), bartender and owner of Divin by Sepi restaurant in Antwerp

“As a bartender, the drinks menu grabs my attention immediately. The quality of what you get in your glass is more important than the number of drinks on the menu. It may have a few well-executed classics, but I also like to be surprised by one or two of my own creations. A must They are well balanced, so I hope they are thoroughly tested first. Proper snacks are the perfect pairing with a good cocktail. I’m a person who loves to nibbles, so they can definitely impress me with that. I like when there is some variety, so there isn’t the same tapas and nachos in every A place. It shouldn’t be much, but it should be good.”

Jill Beckman (33), food blogger The Messi Chef

“A good summer bar takes me elsewhere: the combination of Spanish festivals and the southern breeze from Provence makes you feel like you’re on a flight. It’s important to have room to breathe, a lot of people are fine, but I don’t like the feeling of Oktoberfest. I also like it when kids think too : Playspace makes a big difference. And I always fall in love with the local worker, until you get to know the village or neighborhood: beer from the area, sandwiches from the nearby bakery, and an artist who can beat the stage.”

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