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While American abortion law is at risk, some companies will reimburse the cost of the abortion if it is difficult to perform such surgery in their home state.

The United States was in turmoil earlier this month after it was leaked that most of the Supreme Court justices wanted to get rid of the famous Rowe Wade verdict. Because abortion is already difficult in some states today, some companies reimburse the travel expenses an employee has to pay to perform such a procedure in another state.

Many Americans are not happy about the Supreme Court trashing the abortion law. If you decide to deliver judgment Row We Wade Each state is free to decide whether or not to ban abortion. 28 states are likely to ban or make abortion impossible.

Lots of reviews

A possible elimination meets many criticisms Democrats“The rights of all Americans are at stake,” Vice President Kamala Harris said last week. “If the right to privacy is weakened, every human being will face a future where the government may interfere in the personal decisions you make about your life. It is time to fight with everything we have for women and our country.

In some states today abortion is very difficult. For example, Kevin Stitt, Republican governor of the state of Oklahoma in the United States, signed into law earlier this month a law banning abortion six weeks later. This is one of the strictest abortion laws in the United States. “I want Oklahoma to be the most favorable state in the country,” the senator said on Twitter.

Companies reimburse travel expenses

Since having an abortion in their own state is not always easy, some women choose to visit an abortion clinic in another state where the rules are more flexible. Some companies, including Amazon and Apple, reimburse the cost of travel if a woman is forced to travel to another state for such surgery.

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Tesla also offers such compensation, according to A statement That electric car maker released last Friday. Since last year, the company has “provided a comprehensive coverage net plan and health insurance with travel and accommodation support for people in need of health care not available in their home state.” The Tesla report does not explicitly mention abortion, but it does cast doubt on whether abortion is part of that policy. In addition, the American newspaper wrote New York Times Tesla has previously reimbursed such costs.