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White phone delivery delayed none (1)

White phone delivery delayed none (1)

It is likely that people who ordered the Nothing Phone in white will have to wait longer for this. Nothing sent an email to many customers who requested a white (1) phone, indicating that the company is experiencing delays.

phone delay none (1)

The reason, according to Nothing, is that due to high demand, we can’t promise a shipping date for none phone (1) In white (12 + 156 GB). The young brand wrote: “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, so we want to give you options. Nothing can offer a full refund, including the deposit you’ve already made. Or you can keep your existing order and we’ll let you know as soon as we have a confirmed shipment date.”

That’s not all, because Nothing also promises that people will get a coupon to spend on a Nothing product. Now there is not a lot of choice in nothing products, because the phone is the second component of the brand. But, if you still don’t have any earplugs in mind, this coupon can be a good excuse to finally buy it. Or maybe you know someone who’s jealous of your smartphone once you get yours: you can give them your coupon to buy the same device at a discount.