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Who are the yellow and green favorites in the Tour de Femmes?  "Van Vleuten lonely on 1" |  Tour de France

Who are the yellow and green favorites in the Tour de Femmes? “Van Vleuten lonely on 1” | Tour de France

Robin van Gucht: “Anime put Van Vleuten on top, with no one by her side. Despite her age (39 years), she is still the top candidate.”

“Just behind Van Vleuten, I put the duo SD Worx: Ashleigh Moolman and Demi Vollering. With a slight preference for Moolman.”

In Pine: “Fulering saved herself by not riding the Giro, but she still didn’t want to say she was going to the rating.”

Robin: “I think that’s a little weak, not to say now. Just like Kubicki doesn’t want to talk about the green jersey.”

where: “I am also looking forward to the performances of Mavi Garci and Marta Cavalli. Especially the latter, which is also surrounded by a strong team at FDJ. On top of that, she can go down really well, which can become important with those successive ascents.”

Robin: “For the top 10, I also think of Elisa Longo-Borgini. Especially American Kristen Faulkner, who gave up her job on Wall Street to pursue her cycling dream. At Giro Donne, she won two stages and finished 11th in the final standings.”

“Marianne Voss was on the last podium in the previous edition of the Women’s Tour (in 2009!), but now I see her going for stage wins. And for the rest, she’s already looking for a real rating favorite. You still have Cecily Otrop Ludwig, but the win difficult for her.”

where: “I was also thinking of the Lippert-Labous duo in the DSM. But that’s more for second grade.”

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Robin: “Lucinda Brand is not there – despite the overall victory in the Tour of Switzerland. She wants to be ready for the cyclocross season. That would also be a financial option.”

where: “Knowing the brand, this would be a good choice.”

Robin: “Given the type of riding, for the green jersey, I’d rather look at riders like Marian Voss, Lotte Kubicki and Elisa Balsamo rather than Lorena Webbs.”

where: “Wiebes will definitely have the green in their hands after the first two phases, but then the others will take over. I think Vos has their sights set on the green.”

Robin: “At least she’s fine, she’s driven a good Giro.”

where: “The sprint in this round should suit her too, with those strong finals.”

Robin: “Plus, you have Kopecky, although that doesn’t mean she’s going green. Then we’ll do that.”

Robin: “It seems to me that Sherine Van Anroy is the frontrunner for the youth jersey. When I go through the list of participants, I don’t immediately see a contender for her.”

Robin: “I think it would be difficult for a pure climber to win this jersey, it would be more for the classification riders. Or did Cecily Otrop Ludwig make that a goal?”

where: “I myself wrote Swiss Elise Chabee of Canyon/SRAM, just like Christine Faulkner. They are 1 and 2 in the mountain rankings in the Giro.”