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Who is a mole?  Gilles de Coster lists all the suspicious actions of the three finalists |  TV

Who is a mole? Gilles de Coster lists all the suspicious actions of the three finalists | TV

TVSunday is the day: Then we finally know who’s mole this season. Is it Sven or Uma or rather Yen? The skeptics among us are in luck. Presenter Gil de Coster made a list of all the suspicious actions taken by the three finalists.

Is sven mole?

According to Gilles De Coster, Sven has one big advantage: he always knows how to keep his facial expressions in the fold and does not reveal any emotion. During the mission in Aqualand, Sven was also the one who gave Gilles the tubes. The tubes were all hardly worth the money. During the mission in the village, Sven’s contribution was minimal. “I can’t see him anymore,” he said.

Is Uma a mole?

But Uma could still be de Mol. She too – just like Sven – missed Aqualand. “Too early, too late. She was also often not in the picture.” Things also went wrong on the banana farm and Uma came back at least twice with the wrong banana. “I suddenly had trouble with the easiest questions.”

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Is yen a mole?

During the mountain mission, Yen caused a lot of chaos. “There was good molding.” In Aqualand, Yens gets help from his partner. I found some very expensive tubes that were worth a lot of money, but at the end of the trip it turned out that they were gone. “If you collect a lot of tubes, you also have the ability to change a lot of tubes.”

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