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Who will save the old castle?

Vandepoel switches to organic production, but Bulgart never considered it. He looks at some thorns in the meadow with the farmer’s wife, Fian, with an angled view. In Vandepoel’s philosophy, higher milk prices are a welcome bonus, but they are not the right solution. “I’m changing because the organic philosophy is closely related to how we already run our company, but I’m mainly focused on keeping the cost under control. Attitude: Work on things you can control.I’m particularly jealous of farmers in Ireland or New Zealand, where cows give much less milk than here, but dairy farmers’ profits are much lower.They spend much less per cow space, have much less debt in the bank and a liter There is a lot left over for milk.We have many dairy farmers with us who need to fill the wells of last year now, and that too is a fact.

Bulgart is not the same gentle speaker, but his immaculate courtyard is fully decorated in the same sense. He turned the old pig barn into a milking parlor with his hands. From the milking pit, he proudly shows how he uses bullets and levers to operate his self-designed access gates. Vandepol glows when he sees what Balcourt says. “It’s really a farmer, hey, Joel has never reached the highest peaks, but he’s always pursued his hopeful Elon: he’s never gone deep into debt for any investment, every renewal has been kept to a minimum, as simple as possible. Fixed builders pass by trends, type maximum cow comfort.There is nothing more comfortable for a cow than a good old deep frozen barn.

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Forty years in the pot

Yet technology does not seem to be giving up. In the women’s pasture, Bulgart goes in search of a special cow. “Look at him, he’s been in the pot for forty years!” The mother was fertilized by sperm 40 years ago. That old sperm should have a genetic base wide enough, but there are risks involved. A grower near Bulgart fell ill and his accountant forgot to pay the invoice from the AI ​​center. The liquid nitrogen kettle was no longer filled, and hundreds of straws were lost. Ecocide by misfortune and carelessness.