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Why did the corrupt have such clumsy hinges for the back door

Why did the corrupt have such clumsy hinges for the back door

Godfather of Alfasud Austrian Rudolf Hruska. Hruska has an impressive track record, including being a member of the Fiat 128’s groundbreaking development team. In the late 1960s, Hruska had the chance of a lifetime. He was asked to lead the development of an entirely new car, including a new plant in southern Italy, for Alfa Romeo.

Corruption of the poor south

The project, called Alfa-Sud, is an idea of ​​the Italian state that owns the brand, and aims to ensure economic growth in the impoverished south. Hruska doesn’t think twice and to get the project started quickly, he happily flips an old Fiat rolodex. One by one the Fiat engineer leaves for Alfa. Among all these technicians is a young designer: Giorgetto Giugiaro. Hrusca Giugiaro remembers from his time at Fiat and Bertone. Meanwhile, Giugiaro started his own business and Hruska gave him his first assignment: the Alfa-Sud project.

Travel bag set does not fit

Hruska is very pünktlich. He works carefully on every detail of the project and has no intention of deviating from it. For Giugiaro, the full dimensions of the Alfas-Sud were described with an accuracy of up to a millimeter. Including the trunk: A set of large suitcases should fit there, which Hruska describes with their exact dimensions. Giugiaro goes to work and draws the beautiful lines of corruption as we know it today. But Hruska does not agree with the design. The suitcase set is not suitable.

emergency handle

The difference is only a few centimeters, but no debate: the bags must be inserted and you will get in. There is nothing for her but to make an emergency move. There will be other hinges for the tailgate, visible from the outside of the car. They free up the necessary centimeters, and Hruska can go about his business with his suitcases.

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In an interview years later, Giugiaro still remembers the incident well. “I still cared about suitcase sets when I passed by a store with travel luggage. But in the twenty years I have traveled the world, I have never seen a set that fulfilled the requirements of Hruska…”