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Why do users of the Waze navigation app get lost sometimes

Why do users of the Waze navigation app get lost sometimes

Who used the Waze app during rush hour last week in Brussels or another region, it was a mystery at times. For example, we received a response from a reader who wanted to drive to Evere in the morning from Saint Peters Leu, southwest of Brussels. Since the main roads in Brussels were relatively quiet at the time, I expected a route through the main roads and the small ring road through the metropolitan area. However, the app sent her through the outer ring, where there was a traffic jam of more than half an hour due to work in Groenendaal.

Could this have something to do with the new distribution scheme in central Brussels, we wondered? After all, Waze and Google Maps were quick to include the center’s changing traffic situation in map updates from August 16, so the apps instantly show motorists the right way.

Nothing is less true. Stefaan Schroeyers says: “It is really true that volunteers in Waze Belgium mapped all the changes in Brussels before submitting the distribution plan, so that people know which streets or roads they are no longer allowed to enter by car..”

But Waze hasn’t changed the algorithms that support navigation at all: they still show you the fastest way, also through central Brussels, in this case the Inner Ring Road. If there is little traffic there, you should ideally be able to drive from Sint-Pieters-Leeuw to Evere through the streets and roads of Brussels, especially if there are traffic jams on the Grand Ring Road.

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