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Why no one wants to live in New Zealand anymore –

According to the expat survey, New Zealand is the second worst country to visit.

The Expat Network asked 12,000 expats in 181 countries how they live in terms of quality of life, safety, living costs and integration.

In 52 countries, the number of respondents was sufficient to draw conclusions. New Zealand overtakes Kuwait to rank 51st. Australia is next at the ninth position.

A fairy tale
It is noteworthy that New Zealand is far behind in this ranking. Generally, a country with beautiful scenery, peaceful population and high prosperity is seen as a paradise on earth. Few cities are considered the most livable in the world.

But it turns out to be a fairy tale: Wages are low and living costs are high. Almost half of those surveyed said their income was not enough to live comfortably. In comparison: an average of 28 percent of all respondents thought their income was too low for a happy life.

A relatively large number of respondents felt that they were underpaid for their work in New Zealand, that their work was meaningless, and that the workweeks were too long. “Life here is very expensive compared to wages,” it reads, among other things. An expatriate from India worried about the ‘growing gap between the rich and the poor’.

New Zealand politicians are also looking at this problem and are talking about the cost of living crisis, rising food, petrol and housing prices. Nature is the only thing that scores above the country average.

Mexico tops the list and is a very popular destination for expats, due to its low cost of living and easy integration. Also, Indonesia, Taiwan, Portugal and Spain make up the top five. The Netherlands ranks 22nd on average.

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