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Wildfires keep ugly home in Southeast Europe

Wildfires keep ugly home in Southeast Europe

In Southeast Europe, the number of forest fires continues to increase. In Greece, fires burned at night from Sunday to Monday, including in the north of the Peloponnese peninsula. Several villages were evacuated as a precaution. Forest fires also broke out in Croatia and Albania.

Currently, according to the Greek fire service, there are about a hundred fires per day. Although not every fire develops into a wildfire, the fire brigade is on alert as it is also very windy in many places.

Last year, tens of thousands of hectares of forest were burned across the country after a massive heat wave and drought. To avoid that this year, firefighters from other European countries have already volunteered to help Greece contain the fire as much as possible from the start.

Fires also broke out in Croatia. For example, last weekend near the town of Novak, a forest of 15 hectares was on fire. The fire service also deployed helicopters to put out the flames. On the Adriatic island of Brac near Split, one hectare of nature has turned to ashes. Croatian media reported that the fire was caused by a burning car on the side of the road.

In Albania, six districts caught fire. The fires were ignited by drought, heat and high winds. In the vicinity of the coastal city of Vlora, the fire approached the olive groves and orchards. Inland forest areas near Kruga were also affected. In total, 30 hectares were turned into ash in the country. In some places, the fire is also approaching villages.

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