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Will Dutchman Sarina Wegman win the European Championship with England?  “The team gains confidence with her on the sidelines” |  Women's European Football Championship 2022

Will Dutchman Sarina Wegman win the European Championship with England? “The team gains confidence with her on the sidelines” | Women’s European Football Championship 2022

With amazing stats, she has English football fans scoffing for joy. 14 million viewers watched Sarina Wegman beat Sweden with England on their way to the European Championship final. The hype surrounding the home team is great, thanks to a Dutch player at the helm. “When you walk by the booth, you feel the pressure of the headlines,” NOS journalist Suse van Kleef knows.

Her third place in the final in 4 major tournaments. With England she won 17 of 19 matches with a goal difference of +100. Sarina Wegman puts amazing figures on the table.

“We’re not surprised, but we appreciate it more,” says Suss van Cleef of the Netherlands. The journalist at NOS praises her compatriot, who has to deal with high expectations.

“A great team in our country and did well in preparation: England just have to become European champions.” Can Wiegman turn stats into a title?

beacon of trust

Sarina Wegmann is not only a tactical expert on the field, she also knows exactly how to direct her team to calm the water off the field. “Throughout the tournament I just talked about the next match and not about the ‘history’ they can write.”

Van Cleef knows: “The players don’t feel pressure, because Sarina takes it too far.” “Having her on the sidelines keeps the heart confident and at ease.”

And if the pressure rises quite a bit during the 90 minutes, don’t panic. “She has a plan A, B, C, D. That’s why everyone knows: it will be fine. I also watched that against Spain, where everyone continued to play football after the goal.”

Of course she’s feeling the pressure now, she’s not crazy.

Suze Van Cleef, NOS journalist

However, even the beacon of confidence will be concerned ahead of the European Championship final at Wembley. “Of course now she’s also feeling the pressure, she’s not crazy,” Van Cleef laughs. “As she passed through the newsstand, she felt the pressure of the headlines. But she can put it off quite well.”

“In the Netherlands, she still had to get used to the pressure and the media. With England it has become so much greater. Now that she has to become the European champion, she has never really stood up to the task. But she seems to be able to manage such a group – with those expectations. High – very manageable.”

An unnecessary move for men’s soccer?

Does Sarina Weigman want to switch to men’s soccer with her palms up soon? “In the long run I see that happening, although she wants to work with the best players in the world. The English women and their facilities are. She wouldn’t just want to replace that with any men’s team.”

According to Van Cleef, the idea raises an important question: “Would you rather coach Serena Williams or boutique Van de Zandschulp? I’d like to know.”

“Plus, the male world of football may not be ready for a responsible woman yet. When you start a new challenge, you want to be greeted with open arms. I doubt it. It is a culture that you may not feel has a woman.”

However, she does not rule out the possibility that Wegmann will surprise friend and foe in that region as well. “When you talk about role models, she’s at the top of the list,” Van Cleef concluded. “A lot of women and men can look at her.”

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