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Will we get the Antwerp, Michelin and Leers derbies in the amateur second division next year?

Will we get the Antwerp, Michelin and Leers derbies in the amateur second division next year?

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Yesterday’s Promise of Standard triumphed over 1B’s last ticket. This is how Beerschot’s first team series is gradually taking shape. The promises of Antwerp, Berchot and Kee may meet in Mechelen in the second amateur division. With Racing Mechelen also in that series, that could lead to some fire derbies. Lyra-Lierse also has a chance to win a ticket to that series, just like Lierse K promises. That counts!

Kafr, Thest, Yala

The record U21 team took a place in the 1B next season as the last promising team of yesterday. Earlier, the U21 team from KRC Genk, Anderlecht and Club Brugge were also sure of getting a 1B ticket. Thus, Beerschot and Liersk know nearly all opponents for the upcoming season. Deinze, Lommel, RWDM and Waasland-Beveren will definitely play in 1B next season. As for the last two places, there is still something between Mouscron and Verton on the one hand and Dender and Club Luik on the other. Mouscron was able to save himself as an athlete in 1B, but he missed a professional license. If Mouscron can’t get a license from BAS either, last player Virton will still be at 1B. Dender and Club Luik are the only two remaining candidates for promotion in the top amateur division. These two clubs will continue to work on promotion playoffs in the coming weeks, and Dessel Sport and Knocki have qualified for those play-off matches. However, Dessel Sport and Knokke have not applied for a professional license for the 2022-2023 season and therefore have no chance of being promoted to 1B.

Three possible derbies in the second amateur

Next season’s Antwerp promises, just like Berchot’s promises, will be made in the amateur second division. Although they still hoped to get a ticket to a higher series in Antwerp. Cercle Brugge qualified for the first amateur, but would prefer to play a lower series. For now, it remains to be seen if the next season’s second amateur derby will take place in Antwerp.

Next year, the Chelsea derby may end in the amateur second division. KV Mechelen’s vows compete in a jump over Lierse K.’s vows for last place in the second amateur division. The jump will be completed in one race. As the highest-rated team, KV Mechelen gets the house edge. The match will take place at the Mechelen Youth Academy but will be played behind closed doors for safety reasons.

Racing Mechelen recently became the 3rd Amateur Champion and thus can compete against the promises of the city competitor next season. Lyra-Lierse also has a chance of getting a second place for amateurs. So the derby between the promises of Lierse K and Lyra-Lierse is also a possibility in the crazy second amateur division.

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