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Will WhatsApp finally put an end to this huge inconvenience?

huhHow fast are you typing and do you also do it without making typos? Nowadays, everything should be faster, faster, faster, but this also ensures that a typo can easily occur. Take WhatsApp for example: How many times do you misspelled here in a day? To be fair, you can, of course, delete the message and send it again, but this takes some effort. It’s possible that WhatsApp will finally change this.

Edit message in WhatsApp

Location WABetaInfo He told us that WhatsApp is probably working on a very nice job: editing your text messages. This website keeps a close eye on all the progress of WhatsApp and is rarely wrong with their news. Although… the site announced five years ago that WhatsApp was working on a “problem”. As of now, this feature has not been released yet.

However, that appears to be about to change now. In a beta version of WhatsApp for Android, the Edit Message feature is finally shown. This functionality is also expected to be available soon for iOS and desktop version. This means that you can still adjust messages after sending them. useful!

By the way, WABetaInfo also lets you know that there is a good chance that WhatsApp will not show any edit history. Do you accidentally send a message to someone it wasn’t intended for? Then you’ll soon be able to do two things: delete the message very quickly – and then provide (sort of) an explanation, or simply edit the message. Suddenly we see a bunch of possibilities!

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Photo: Unsplash