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Will you be fined if you drive with a slipper?  "In this holiday country you have to pay 80 euros" |  to cut

Will you be fined if you drive with a slipper? “In this holiday country you have to pay 80 euros” | to cut

It’s tempting during the warm summer temperatures: You’re just back from the pool or beach, you want to get home as soon as possible and decide to ride in your slipper. But can you be fined for that? And what about legislation in holiday countries? We sought advice from the VIAS Traffic Institute. In Spain you can be fined 80 euros.

Slippers or bath slippers. Both are perfect for strolling around the waterfront promenade or by the pool. But can you also drive it? “There is nothing specific in the Belgian motorway code about which shoes you can drive in,” says VIAS spokesperson, Steve Willems. “We strongly advise against driving with flip flops.”

“When you wear slippers like this, you often don’t have enough grip on your pedals to be able to brake. Plus, it can slip between your toes and get stuck somewhere, for example under one of your pedals. It can lead to dangerous situations. It’s going to be The braking distance is longer and may not stop in time. We also advise against driving barefoot or with heels. For example, barefoot can slip off the pedals, causing a loss of steering wheel control.”

Moreover, there is another problem with our highway code. “If a police officer sees you making strange maneuvers and decides that it is because you are driving around in flip-flops, clogs or shoes, he can fine you around 174 euros. After all, the law states: “Every driver must be able to steer and have the decency Required physical and necessary knowledge and leadership skills. He must always be able to perform all necessary driving movements and must always have good control over his vehicle or animals.”

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France and Spain

What about the regulations in holiday countries like France and Spain? “In Spain, you get a fine of 80 euros if you drive in light shoes,” Willems says. In France, the fine is up to 90 euros.

Finally, VIAS has one last golden tip for avoiding “slipper fines”: “Always make sure you have a comfortable pair of sneakers in your car. They shouldn’t be expensive, but above all comfortable. You can quickly change them in the car with your slippers, and save on fines.” annoying.” A spare pair like this always comes in handy too when there’s a heavy thunderstorm and your other shoes are soaked.”

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