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Wim de Koninck: "Houdini's actions for Real Madrid are no longer a coincidence" |  Champions League

Wim de Koninck: “Houdini’s actions for Real Madrid are no longer a coincidence” | Champions League

Last night, the Etihad Stadium in Manchester hosted another Real Madrid show, not the first in this season’s Champions League campaign. Football analyst Wim de Koninck uncovers the mystery behind many of Real Madrid’s missions. “Experienced coaches are no longer nervous.”

“Houdini’s actions for Real Madrid are no longer a coincidence,” Wim de Koninck said about the “return” of the royal in the Champions League.

Harry Houdini would have been proud: Like true escape artists, the Madridists once again made their way to a good starting position (4-3) in the Champions League semi-finals.

Wim de Koninck notes: “Manchester City were much better yesterday. But Real Madrid have also been outperformed by PSG and Chelsea this season. Look where they are now: at home.”

“Madridians were also able to make their way into the game yesterday. It is no longer a coincidence: you almost have the feeling that this will be the year of Real Madrid.”

The formula for success: experience and four knights

Manchester City were rewarded very little for a great game last night. Coincidence or, again, real virtue? What hides behind many Real Madrid missions?

“The Real Madrid squad is full of experience. There are still many players around the club who were already affiliated with the club when they won the Champions League in 2016.”

“This team had to put out such fires many times. They never got nervous. In addition, they developed great confidence in their ability to score. So it is no coincidence that they remain so calm.”

“With Benzema’s efficiency, Vinicius’ speed and Modric’s cross, Real can always score goals. Against anyone. And if you have Courtois in goal, who can often keep clean sheets, I have the winning formula in your hands.”

Benzema continues to amaze him with his killer efficiency.

City’s defense can attest to that. Despite dominating the field, the Citizens still conceded three goals. †City weren’t actually defending very well today. However, in the Premier League, they only counted 24 goals in the net, which is less than Liverpool.”

“But in the Champions League, they have not yet been able to continue that streak. Against Atlético Madrid in the quarter-finals, they were also very trembling in the final. When they are under real pressure, they do it right now. Not a flawless turn” .

City are playing an excellent game today, but don’t walk off the field as the moral winner.

Wim de Koninck

“However, Guardiola cannot blame his players. Nor can his players blame him. There have been strange twists and turns in the Champions League a few times. This time he stuck to his script sensibly. Choosing to play Gabriel Jesus after playing four games this weekend left her On its own it turned out to be the correct method. It was an excellent lightning rod.”

“In short: City played an excellent game, but did not leave the field as the moral winner. Madrid are well aware that they got away well today. In City, the discontent is mainly due to the missed opportunity.”

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